Managing the tail end of Flu Season

Managing the tail end of Flu Season

By Dr. Alissia Valentinis, MD, CCFP, FCFP, National Home Doctor Medical Director

How National Home Doctor is helping Canadians manage flu season

If you’re in primary care or work in the ER, I don’t need to tell you that this year has been a bad year so far for influenza.  Unfortunately, it’s predicted that the worst is yet to come at the tail end of the season.   The last thing a patient with the flu wants to do is get out of their bed – but what if they start to feel worse?  What if they think they may have pneumonia?  

Our physicians are key to seeing these sick patients in their home while keeping them away from clinics and the ER where they can spread the flu.  It can be invaluable to patients to have the reassurance from a physician that they will likely improve with symptomatic treatment or if needed, they could get appropriate care for complications of the flu.  By seeing patients in their home, we are helping to stop the spread of the flu virus in our community.

Imagine if…

  • Imagine if the local emergency department wasn’t overcrowded with patients with minor ailments.
  • Imagine if a daughter didn’t need to take a vacation day to bring her elderly mother in to the clinic for a viral illness.
  • Imagine if a young child with croup didn’t have to go to the ER at 8pm at night because a physician could come assess him at home.
  • Imagine if a bedbound patient could be assessed without having to take an ambulance to the ER.
  • Imagine if a patient in bed weak with the flu could be assessed and treated at home without having to leave their bed (and avoiding spreading the flu to others).

We no longer need to just imagine these scenarios, with National Home Doctor house call service, these are all possible. Our call center staff is available to take your call 7 days a week, beginning at 8 am. Contact us at 416-631-3000. 

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