Personal information is collected to assist the physician in the process of making a housecall.  Such information may be transmitted electronically to the physician or their staff.

Each time you call our service we will update this information to make sure that it is complete and accurate.We collect basic information such as name, address and phone number to assist the doctor in contacting you and making the visit. We also ask for the nature of the problem to assist the doctor in meeting your medical needs. Your Ontario Health Card number is taken to allow the doctor to bill OHIP for services rendered. Your request for a housecall is accepted as implied consent to utilize your information for the purpose of making a housecall.We do not share your information with anyone outside of MedVisit and its associated physicians and staff. Your information is safeguarded against unauthorized access. From time to time we may use your information to keep you informed about matters relating to the services that we provide to you and your family.There are legal exceptions where we may be required by law to disclose your personal information. Such disclosure may be required in an emergency situation where someone’s health or life is endangered.You can decide how much of your personal information you give to us, however, this may affect our ability to provide you with service. 

If you have any inquiries or comments relating to our privacy statement or would like further details of our privacy policy, please contact our office at 416-631-3000 

To find out more about federal privacy laws, please contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at 1-800-282-1376 or visit their website: