Who is Medvisit?

Medvisit is Canada’s largest provider of after hours, home visiting doctors. Our role is to provide treatment of acute, episodic illness and injury to patients who cannot leave their home and need to see a doctor, but their family doctor is unavailable. By providing this service, we are supporting the family doctor by ensuring their patients have access to quality primary care even in the after hours period. We are also helping relieve pressure on hospital Emergency Departments, delivering sustainable cost savings for taxpayers and better outcomes for the community at large.

Our mission is to provide exceptional, accessible and sustainable healthcare services that: patients recommend to their family and friends; family doctors select for their patients; our employees and Doctors are proud to deliver; and offer value to the healthcare system.

We are a privately-owned Canadian company, combining the strengths of long term industry leaders Medvisit Doctors Housecall Service, MD HomeCall and Toronto Housecalls.


Whether you are a patient, a doctor contractor, a stakeholder or an employee, we will:

  • Deliver a consistent, high quality service
  • Communicate clearly, simply and decisively
  • Be reassuring and responsive to individual needs
  • Uphold professional standards (integrity, accountability, safety and collegiality)
  • Constantly strive to do even better
  • Respect the confidence patients place in us