Enjoying your Retirement

Staying social, active and healthy

Enjoying your Retirement

By Dr. Alissia Valentinis, MD, CCFP, FCFP, National Home Doctor Medical Director

By staying social, active and healthy you can make the most of your retirement.

It's come that time of life when you can finally take off work, kick back, and enjoy your retirement years. So now what?


The best way to stay positive is to socialize, so it's time to make new friends and engage in more social activities. Get out there and meet and interact with new people on a regular basis or hang out with your current friends.  Spend time with family when you can and engage with younger people as well as those your age.

Sharpen your mind

If you spend all day watching TV and napping, you're going to get old fast! It's time to sharpen your mind with books, puzzles, hobbies, and projects, as that will keep you young and your brain active.

Find your purpose

Now that you're no longer working, what do you want to do with your life? Do you want to start writing that novel you've put off for years, volunteer at a local or international charity, or develop a new skill? If you want to travel, and you’re able to, why not go visit the places you’ve always wanted?  Don't let ennui drag you down but find something to do with yourself and throw your energy into it.

Plan with your partner

Remember, if you have a partner, there are two of you enjoying the retired life now. Your spouse or partner is going to want to have a say in what the two of your do, so spend time talking and planning your retired life together.
Consider working

Full retirement can be expensive, but what if you could still earn a living doing what you love? Partial retirement will allow you to work a few hours every week, keep that income flowing, and will give you something to do with your time.

Exercise every day

This is the most important part of your retired life! If you don't exercise daily, your body will start to age more quickly. You'll lose bone density, muscle mass, and cardiovascular endurance, which will lead to fatigue and a greater risk of disease. You've got the time to devote to staying active, so take advantage of your retirement to get in the best shape of your life!

Keep yourself positive

You have to check your mood and emotional state of being regularly. Depression can set in and sap your energy and enthusiasm, a very common thing among the retired. If you need help staying positive, consider talking with a psychologist or therapist. Do what makes you happy, and make a conscious effort to find the good, positive things in your life.

Do what you want

Figure out what you want to do with your retired life, and DO IT! Celebrate your new found freedom after decades of work. Enjoy it!


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